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We have been heavily involved in all forms of shows, conferences and extra training. We strongly believe that our continual representation and committment at these events significantly broadens our ability to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Below is a list which is regularly updated of past and future events.

Below is list of locations that A1ADT has represented itself for training, research or tradeshows:

Product research USA

CC.TV research CHINA

Robotic training and testing JAPAN

Pumper & Cleaner Tradeshow USA

Training seminar UK

Training Conference QLD

International conference QLD

International conference VIC

International conference NZ

Master Plumbers Association Trade Shows

Plumbers Co-Op Trade Shows

No Dig NSW

Civenex Tradeshows NSW

Robotic training and testing EUR

Design Build NSW

Certificate of Completion Qualified Installer

Intensive onsite training

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We are proud to annouce that during our visit to Hamilton Island AUS & NZ Conference we were, once again, given the honour of receiving 'Job of the Year' 2011. The William Bland Building, located in Macquarie St Sydney, was experiencing ongoing issues with flooding in their offices due to the corrosion of the existing cast iron stormwater stacks.

A1ADT was able to successfully carry out over 250 metres of relining over a 3 week period with minimal access available, all while businesses continued to operate! This is one success story that highlights A1ADT's ability to efficiently plan and operate all while maintaining minimal customer disruptions.

Following our recent recognition as one of the largest drain and pipe relining providers in Australia and New Zealand as per materials installed, we have recently alsobeen rewarded 'Job of the Year' for 2009 at our latest international conference.

The job wasunique because this was the first 225mm boundary trap that had been installed and we were able to carry out this work while the 30 storey apartment block was still in use. We created a flow-through bladder that bypassed the work being carried out.